Three things I learned from Maurice Zondag

Friday, 28 April 2017 20:31

We met randomly at an event called "The Samurai Game" (for more information check www.samuraigame.org or contact my friend Lawrence Warry on Facebook, who facilitates such games). There will be a game in Targu-Mures soon, check the event page also: https://www.facebook.com/events/103291483541727/. We can meet there. I did this game a few times and it is like a gym for your mind. 

However this article is on a different topic. I would like to write about three things I learned from Maurice Zondag (www.mauricezondag.nl). I will be concise. Since I am curating TEDx, I need to improve my conciseness in writing. Maurice Zondag became over a year a best friend. I have few best friends, but he is one. So what did I learn from him? 

1. Master Body Language. I try to invite him to events I organize in order to learn :) - I am particularly impressed by his body language, which we all know how important is. Not much to add here. He is mastering it. When you are a good public speakers, things become easy. I am now invited to big conferences. I use his techniques. I am reinvited. It's easy. Get him as a coach and you will get to where I am. Make the step. He can coach you using Skype. No worries if not in Holland. 

2. Be always there for others. He offered me the feeling of being protected. As an expat, you are far from family. But now I know I can call him even in the middle of the night, he will be there. Yes, leadership is not about your title, it’s about your behaviour. My encounters with him made me refocus on a few simple things. I focus on simple things such as not checking that much my phone when meeting people. I focus on the body language of people who are close to me because this tells me whether they are bored, want to run away from me or are happy being with me. Massive improvement in my relationships with others. 

3. Excellence and passion are keys to success. At Webit this week, the President of Bulgaria was in my audience. He came to me after my talk. I have a photo on Facebook. We talked 20 minutes. He complimented me on the way I talked. He said I showed passion and mastered the subject. This is something I learned from Maurice. That I need to show more passion in my talks. That I need to prepare better.  You need to imagine even what body pose you will use at various moments of your talks. 

I hope this helps you. Focus on body language. Practice your talks. Be there for others. Close Facebook when you meet people. Everything else will improve dramatically.

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